Capital City
The Fire Nation Capital is the seat of the government for the Fire Nation. It is home to the Fire Lord, the Royal Family, and nobles of the Fire Nation. The capital is located on the Capital Island, a large island in the western region of the Fire Nation. This city is one of the larger cities of the four nations. It has a distinct layout, consisting of a harbor surrounded by a dock and the Royal Plaza, an industrial harbor city behind the plaza, buildings and homes scattered around the surrounding hills, and finally, another neighborhood in the crater of a dormant volcano known as Caldera,
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Fire Fountain City
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Fire Fountain City is a large industrialized city located on one of the many islands in the eastern Fire Nation. It is named for the large statue of Fire Lord Ozai that once stood in its center but has long since been replaced with a statue of Fire Lord Zuko.
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Ember Island
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Ember Island is a renowned resort area located in the outer islands of the northern Fire Nation. Set among palm trees and luscious vegetation, it is home to many luxurious resorts and vacation homes for the wealthy and powerful.
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The Fire Nation

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